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This happened when Kaneki was hospitalized.

Part 1

Kaneki was your best friend in this lonely world. Along with Hide, the three of you spend times together, ever since your childhood days. But Kaneki was closer to you, so you tell him secrets that he promised to keep.

"Kaneki," you said, holding out your right pinkie. "Promise me we'll be together in every thinf we do. We won't be separated."

Kaneki wrapped his own pinkie around yours and smiled. "I promise, (y/n)-chan."

Right now you were with Uta and the bar owner, who were looking at you sympathetically as you gulped down your fifth glass of blood. Uta offered you an eyeball which you gratefully took. 

Kaneki, Kaneki, Kaneki, Kaneki, Kaneki...

....Where are you?

I miss you already...

Uta put a hand on your shoulder. "(y/n)-chan... That's enough."

You pouted at him as you licked your lips to clean the blood. "But I need more~…" You smiled.

"(y/n)-cchi," the bar manager said. "Stop." She brushed yoir hair with her fingers. "I know how depressed you are... Ne," she smiled. "Why don't we visit hin tomorrow?"

You hugged her and Uta. "Thank you thank you thank you so much~!"

PicsArt 1427211193700 by Esu-senpai

(The Next Day)

The doctor led you to a certain room where Kaneki was resting. 

"Ken-san, somebody wants to see you," A black-haired boy rose slowly, his eyes widening.

He's a ghoul as well, you thought bitterly. 


A tear slid down to your cheek. "K-Kaneki..." He smiled at you as he spread his arms. You ran to him as you wrapped your arms around his torso loosely, his head on your shoulder. He was trembling slightly, so you rubbed his back.

"Ssh... It's okay, Kaneki-kun," you hugged him tighter. "I'm here... You know my own story of how I became a ghoul." You remember days of hunger, throwing up all the favorite food you usually eat. 

"(y-y/n)... I m-miss y-you s-so m-much!" Tears spilled more in his eyes. "I- I don't e-even k-know w-what h-happ-pened!" 

"I'm sorry, I d-didn't k-keep o-our p-p-prom-mise..." 

You held Kaneki tighter and kissed his forehead softly. Despite your burning face, you smiled at him. "It wasn't your fault, Kaneki. And... Is... Rize really dead?" He nodded.

You held each other for a long time, perfectly safe in each others arms.
There will be room for feels. ;A; Uhh whyy am I writing sad fics?! >A<  But this has romance so... = ̄ω ̄=

Anyway, this is part 1. 

I don't own Tokyo Ghoul, just the story. ∩__∩
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Adorable!!!! X3
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